Annual Awards

USS Masamune Awards Program

Ship Awards

The USS Masamune Awards were developed to recognize individuals associated with STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan
Association for outstanding and meritorious service to others and the ideas of Star Trek.

Awards are given, when appropriate, by the Command Officer with assistance of the Executive Officer. While any STARFLEET member may
nominate anyone for any award, the recommendation must come through the chapter’s Commanding Officer and / or Reporting Officer. This list is provided
in order to acquaint members with the awards, purpose and official decorations. All recipients will receive the proper uniform insignia and certificate of
achievement signed by the Ship’s Commanding Officer, and Executive Officer. The Awards are listed later on, in ascending order.

Guidelines and Criteria

Submissions shall follow the guidelines as outlined on the USS Masamune Awards Nomination Form. Any member of STARFLEET may be submitted for
any award, provided they meet all of the requirements of the award. However, only one submission per form will be accepted.

Officer of the Year – Given for outstanding direction on a local, regional and/or national basis. Awarded to the officer (Line or Staff) of a chapter who has shown the most consistent level of guidance and leadership during an award year by action, deed, and word.

Cadet of the Year Awarded to a junior member of USS Masamune, 17 and under, who has shown through participation and dedication (i.e., school activities,
scholastic achievement, Ship functions) a conviction in the belief of STARFLEET and the future through action and deeds

 Enlisted Member of the Year (Miles O’ Brien Award) – Given to the member for outstanding membership on a local, regional and/or national basis who has shown the most unfailing quantity of “getting the job done”, no matter how small or great the task, during an award year.

Volunteer of the Year Awarded to the individual who has made the most impact in a volunteer / community service effort, does not have to be STARFLEET
related. May also be awarded for providing emergency care (medical or otherwise) to individual(s) during a traumatic situation (i.e. life
threatening). Nominations must include a detailed description with all accounts of the incident.

Scholastic Achievement – Awarded to individuals who have achieved excellence (a grade point average of 3.5 or above) in academic
studies on a consistent basis. Submissions need to be accompanied by a copy of a report card, if possible.

USS Masamune Commendation – USS Masamune Commendation are issued by the Executive Officer upon recommendation of noteworthy participation, action or service by any STARFLEET member.

Purple Heart –  Region Three Purple Hearts are issued by the Commanding Officer by upon recommendation of an action or service of any Region
Three member who has been injured (paper cuts do not count) in the line of duty- while participating in a Community Service event, a Regional and/or STARFLEET function.

 Iron Star- The Iron Star is given for cooperative action and/or leadership within a local chapter or department. Such action need not be STARFLEET
related. May be awarded upon an instance of leadership within a member’s local chapter, city or state.

Legion of Merit – The Legion of Merit is given for outstanding effort and leadership on a chapter and/or regional basis. Two recommendations from senior staff in good standing, with explanation, are required for nomination.

Polaris Award, 1st Order
is given for cooperative action and/or leadership within a member’s local chapter or department. Such action should be STARFLEET related. May be awarded
upon an instance of leadership within a member’s sector or state, awarded by recommendation by the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.

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