Former Astronaut in Trek

Former NASA astronaut Terry Virts, on the other hand, said he will be watching the new Trek show — which debuted on Sept. 24 — with interest.

“I was recently on a trip in Mexico with Rod Roddenberry, [“Star Trek” creator] Gene [Roddenberry]’s son, and he told me a little about it. I’ll absolutely watch,” said Virts, who acted as an ensign on “Star Trek: Enterprise,” making him one of only three real-life space travelers to make a cameo appearance as a member of Starfleet. “That franchise has captured our hearts and minds, and there is a whole slew of people around the world who will always want to follow their adventures.”

“Star Trek: Discovery” is set between the events of “Enterprise” and those of the 1966 original series. Further, “Discovery” episodes will be available on the network’s premium, subscription streaming service, CBS All Access. [How to Watch “Star Trek: Discovery”]