Japanese SwordSmith

Masamune (正宗), also known as Gorō Nyūdō Masamune (五郎入道正宗, Priest Gorō Masamune, c. 1264–1343) is widely recognized as Japan’s greatest swordsmith. He created swords and daggers, known in Japanese as tachi and tantō respectively, in the Soshu tradition.


A Masamune sword was given to President Harry S. Truman shortly after World War II. It is housed in the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum


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Akira Class

In 2363 a new class of ship entered service. The ship was to carry more firepower then anything before her, yet still remain fast and maneuverable. The ship features a unique catamaran nacelle design and no less then 15 torpedo launchers. The USS Akira entered service in 2363, and a rapid production run put nearly a hundred others into the fleet over the next few years. Most were assigned to units on the outer Federation territories, performing patrol and presence missions as well as the normal mapping and exploration duties which any Starfleet vessel is expected to handle.

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Starting out as just a hypothetical exercise in starship design, the design that became the Akira-class was initially conceived during a period of rising tensions with the Cardassian Union in the mid-24th century. Worked on by engineers in their spare time, most never expected the vessel to be used, much less built, and as such the Akira project was assigned a relatively low status on the priority list. That changed following Starfleet’s disastrous losses to the Borg in the Battle of Wolf 359, as Starfleet began a major program of research, development and starship construction to meet any future Borg threat.

The prototype ship USS Akira was launched in 2368, and fairly soon the class went on to become a major player in the fleet. Performing admirably during the wind-down of the Federation-Cardassian War in the late-2360s, and against the Borg on their return to Federation space in the 2370s, the Akira-class also was a common sight during the later Dominion War, serving on the front lines in most of the war’s major battles

In 2364 Starfleet was considering moving to a production basis with the multi-section starship. However, during this year contact with the Romulans was re-established when the USS Enterprise encountered a Romulan Warbird at the Neutral Zone. The warbird appeared to outgun the Enterprise – then Starfleet’s most powerful ship – by a moderately considerable margin and Starfleet was confronted with what appeared to be a powerful and aggressive enemy. As part of their response Starfleet requested a complete re-design of the multi-section starship. The new requirement called for an almost totally re-designed vessel; the ship would be in three sections, each of which would have an independent warp core and drive system. The scientific and diplomatic sections were removed in favor of increased armament and power for the weapons.

The Akira Class was due to cease production in 2373, but with the disastrous contact with the Dominion Starfleet decided to continue production at an increased rate. When the Dominion war began, production of the Akira was boosted to eighteen per year as the Federation converted its economy to a war footing. The Akiras have now become a common sight on the front lines, participating in most of the major battles.

Akira-Class Starship Information

Expected Duration:

Resupply Interval:

Refit Interval:


Number in Service:

80 years

5 years

10 years

Heavy Cruiser



Length:464.43 meters
Width:316.67 meters
Height:87.43 meters
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed:Warp 6
Maximum Speed:Warp 9.4
Emergency Speed:Warp 9.8 for 12 hours
Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:
  • 6 Type-XII phaser arrays (normal)
Torpedo Launchers:
  • 3 forward (normal)
  • 4 forward (MVAM)
  • 50 Mark Q-II Quantum Torpedoes
  • 325 Mark XXV photon Torpedos
Other Systems:
  • Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
  • Ablative Armor
Auxiliary Craft